I loooooove pussywillows


Friends, it has been a while.

Here is something that delights my heart.


About kaemyoir

We are 4 friends who are on a journey of loving life and never living distant from inspiration. We are from 4 different places from around the world and wanted a page that brought our lives, journeys, days and inspiration together. We hope that this blog will bridge the distance and bring inspiration to our lives because you know, our goal is to live in a state of inspiration.
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4 Responses to I loooooove pussywillows

  1. loveeee it!!! SO pretty. 🙂

  2. Irene says:

    ÅÅÅÅH så nusselig!!!

    i LOVE it:)

  3. Eldrids says:

    And i love it!!!
    I ha dmine since you where here…they can last forever..if you just love them..hehe:)
    You girls are so great!!

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